Being Legible

πŸ—“ March 31, 2023

Thoughts on framing ideas and concepts so that they are digestible to others.

Blinky Tabs

πŸ—“ October 25, 2022

A lesson on Firefox's pinned tab indicator light.

Vue 3 Prop Types with Typescript

πŸ—“ October 20, 2021

Using Typescript to type Vue 3 component props.

Stateful Styles With Tailwind and Vue

πŸ—“ March 11, 2020

A quick look at some common patterns for managing state-drivens styles using Tailwind in a Vue component.

Binding CSS Variables in Vue

πŸ—“ February 9, 2020

Sometimes it's helpful to bind css variables to the style attribute of an element with Vue. Here's how it works and why you might reach for this pattern.